About Us

PeterPaddonTopHatPendraig Publishing was started by Peter Paddon in 2005. Peter, a published author since 1995 was inspired to start Pendraig by his own love of the written word as well as a desire to publish interesting and informative books on the Craft and Magick that had been such an integral part of his life for so many years. He loved to learn about different traditions, lore and practices and he taught with such an ease and enthusiasm. Peter, like all true cunning folk lived magickally in everything he did whether it was grocery shopping or treading the mill inside a 12-foot wicker man.

Of course Peter had the help of his friends, family and clan along the way but truth be told Peter Paddon was the driving force behind Pendraig right up until his untimely and sudden death in October 2014. With all of the usual tragic experiences of losing a loved one so unexpectedly the love of his life Linda, was suddenly left as the owner of a young but promising publishing company and no idea what to do with it. Luckily Linda and Peter’s family and friends, coven and clan stepped up into the breach and helped her to sort things out and to ensure the stability and future of Pendraig Publishing until she could make more permanent arrangements.

In March of 2015, Linda and the publishing company moved from Sunland, CA to a sleepy little mountain community called Green Valley Lake, CA. Peter and Linda came to visit myself and my husband often and were hoping to move here eventually; it’s truly a magickal place. We’ve known the Paddons for almost twenty years and over those twenty years we’ve practiced and crafted together, learned from each other, taught each other, laughed and cried together. So it’s here in these powerful and wild mountains that we have created the new home base for Pendraig Publishing. I had been helping Peter with the bookkeeping for a few years so I had some familiarity with the company and I was thrilled and honored that Linda asked me to help her with Pendraig. Of course I didn’t realized how much work it was! It is hard work but it’s also thrilling and interesting and fun; well most of it is anyway…..

We incorporated the company in 2015 and with the help of friends and family we plan to grow Pendraig while still keeping to Peter’s vision and honoring his legacy. Everything we do, we do with Peter in mind. When we look at a new manuscript someone always says, “Peter would love this!” or “Peter would hate this.”

The company’s motto, “A New Look at an Old Path”, is Peter’s expression in the simplest terms of the idea that we must keep and honor the old ways and traditions yet not be so blindly adherent to them that we stifle not only ourselves but those same said traditions. So it with new eyes that we look upon the path that Peter has lain before us and it is our sincerest hope that we continue to publish pertinent and important works for magickal folk.