Witch Among the Herbs
A Materia Magickal
Of Herbs, Flowers, Trees
Spells and Craftings

We’re super excited about the newest book in the Pendraig catalog, Witch Among the Herbs. This delightful book is part magickal herbal, part spell book and part how to book. I really think it will appeal to a wide range of tastes and experience levels from those just starting out to those of us who’ve been at it for a while. It’s a lovely book that would be a great addition to any herbal library and it would so make an excellent gift.

The author Ilana Sturm is one of those rare true hereditary cunning women. She grew up in a household full of wonder, magick and cunning-folk. Over the years she has trained in many different magickal/spiritual disciplines that have all guided her path. In Witch Among the Herbs, she shares her knowledge, wisdom and know-how and as well as a few precious glimpses into her magickal upbringing.

Released August 16, 2016

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