Here’s a current list of events where Pendraig authors will be appearing.

Ann Finnin-author of Forge of Tubal Cain and a soon to be released and much anticipated follow up book about……shhhhhhh, it’s a secret. Ann is a featured speaker at:

Pagan Day Fest
Burbank, CA
September 9th-11th 2016
Ann will be presenting on Saturday, September 9th from 2-3pm
For more information about Pagan Day Fest visit their web site:

Momma Star-author of Old Style Conjure Wisdom, Workings and Remedies, Reading with Old Style Conjure Cards and The Conjure Workbook V1:Working the Root
Orion Foxwood-Orion on the Goddess DVD and Introduction to Faery Seership DVD are both appearing at:

The Folk Magic Festival
New Orleans, LA
November 7th-10th, 2016
For more information about the Folk Magic Festival visit: