Hello and welcome to Pendraig Publishing!

As most of you have probably heard, Peter Paddon, the creator of Pendraig (and our beloved friend and family member), passed away in late October of 2014. And as you can imagine, that has made for a long, difficult, emotional journey for us in these last few months.

It has also led us to ask a question that you may be asking right this very moment:

What happens now?

We don’t have any answers to share quite yet, but please be assured that Pendraig is important to us. We think that with Pendraig, Peter created a wonderful venue for talented, exciting authors – both established and new – to give voice to traditions and practices that are not heard widely in the more mainstream pagan market, and we’d very much like to see that work continue.

So please bear with us while we hammer out the specifics… we promise that we’ll have a plan to share soon.

Pendraig Family