A Witch Among The Herbs


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Witch Among the Herbs
A Materia Magicka
Of Herbs, Flowers, Trees
Spells and Craftings

by Ilana Sturm

Beginning with a beautifully crafted Herbal Materia Magicka, this informative
and well researched Witch’s magickal herbal will find many uses, both for the
student and the adept alike. It contains a wealth of knowledge, warmth
and wisdom ready to be shared. In part two, if you’ve ever wondered
how to see Faeries or how to empower your Athame, how to get to the astral
plane, keep a Book of Shadows or light a candle without a match, then
this interesting book should please.
With easy to follow spells and subjects like how to create your own powerful
wand and what the colors mean in your aura – there is a myriad of information
at hand, ensuring that this Materia Magicka will be a valued and well used
treasure in the years to come.


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