Balkan Traditional Witchcraft


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Radomir Ristic

Book Published 7/22/2009

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ISBN: 978-0-9796168-5-3

Published in English for the first time, this groundbreaking book by Radomir Ristic is a compilation of historical data, anthropological studies, and the authors own experiences and interviews with the Witches of the Balkans. Covering both theory and practice, the book gives a complete system of Balkan Traditional Witchcraft.

Balkan Traditional Witchcraft is an ancient system from humanity’s dawn that has survived into modern times due to the unique history of the region, and its practice can be applied to any culture, state or region in the world.

Translated into English by Michael C. Carter, Jr., this book – a bestseller in its native Serbia – is an incredible look into the world of the Balkan Witch, covering ritual trance, tools, rites for healing, love, divination, defense and for making charms. It also explores the supernatural beings that Balkan Witches share their world with, deities, fairies and other spirits. There has never been such a deep exploration of the magic of this region available in English before.

English translation by Michael C. Carter, Jr.

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