Blood in the Bayou


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Blood in the Bayou: A Record of the Operations and Blessed Techniques of a Doctor of Conjure-Work
by Dr. Sureaux

Blood in the Bayou treats its readers to the dark and illuminating recollections of a life lived in the heartland of Hoodoo. But it is also a clear, practical guide to every aspect of Southern folk-sorcery, throwing a rare light on the obscure aspects of Hoodoo that are native to the dark soil and mud of the Louisiana swamplands.

In a unique firsthand account of this subject, Docteur Sureaux carries the reader into an understanding of the entangling, serpentine spirit of life and the natural organic metaphysics that underlie the basic precepts of Hoodoo. His words are an accessible and instructive celebration of the soul in the land, the timeless power in the substances used in root-working, the spirits that inhabit this world, and the intricacies of their interactions with the conjure-worker. Sureaux’s intimate teachings, and the places they lead the soul of the reader, not only render the magic of Hoodoo possible, but also enable the realization of the ancient vision of life that gave birth to this folk-sorcery in the first place.

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