British Witchcraft




Nick Ridge

DVD Published 9/1/2012

Print Price: $19.95

“We are an Old Craft Coven of the Hunting Path… which means we are activists in every sense… our purpose is to fight both magically and practically to protect the land, the animals that live on it, the environment, all sacred sites and any and all Pagans from attacks of any kind…”

Nick Ridge is a Witch, Magister of the Cauldron of the Alta Calleach, and with his wife runs Dorset Wildlife Rescue. Both roles are very important to Nick, and he combines his love of nature and magick in his skill as a wort-cunner, or magical herbalist.

In this DVD, Nick demonstrates traditional herblore, demonstrating how to make a dark poppet, genuine flying ointment, and various other pieces of herb lore.

Nick has lung cancer and can no longer work, so all proceeds of this DVD are going to Nick and Sandi, to help with their living costs.

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