Enchantment: The Witch’s Art of Manipulation by Gesture, Gaze and Glamour


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Peter Paddon

Book Published 2/15/2013

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ISBN: 978-1-936922-51-2

Traditionally, the Witch’s arsenal of magical power has always included the ability to influence others from a distance, blessing, cursing and placing a glamour or the Evil Eye on someone in order to reward, punish or control them in some way. Many of these techniques have been lost, though we can see their descendants in the techniques of mesmerism, faith healing and stage hypnotism.

As part of his exploration of Visceral Magick, Author and Witch Peter Paddon has rediscovered techniques and exercises that enable the practitioner to use gestures, gaze and energy connections to influence others from across a room, or in some cases around the world.

In this book, Peter describes the underlying theories and philosophies (drawing on the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, Pre-Christian Celtic Wales and medieval Christian Mysticism), and lays out a series of techniques and the exercises that develop the required skills to use them, in order to heal, curse, entrance, bless, and create illusions and other subtle influences in others to manipulate their thoughts and actions. He includes a discussion of the ethical ramifications of these techniques, as well as practical applications in ritual, spell-crafting and daily life.

Whether it is the “Evil Eye”, “Jedi mind-tricks” or “defense against the Dark Arts”, these techniques have been the mainstay of myth, legend and fantasy for millenia, but their place in our worldview stems from real magical tools wielded by our ancestors.

“Too often, the modern witchcraft movement has focused its attention on being an “acceptable” practice in a modern world. It has often sacrificed much of its unique contributions upon the altar of religion. Albeit, this aspect of our resurgence heeded a deep call and the initial sacrifice had wisdom and purpose. But as they say “how many stripes can a zebra lose before it is no longer a zebra?” In the case of the Craft, witches do witchcraft, and magic is at the heart of our soul; and we must return our “stripes”. It is time for witches to be witches… and enchantment is one of the major stripes on the metaphorical zebra of witchery. Thank you Peter for bringing all of us to that state of spirit that wields the power of change through the arts of enchantment. This practice helps to give us back one of our most legendary attributes. My advice is that readers of this book apply the lore and techniques offered. It invites witches to wield the power of change upon self, the world and our universe. Now let’s cast enchantment for a better life and a better world. It all starts in the mirror.”

-Orion Foxwood

Author of “The Candle and the Crossroads” 2012 Red Wheel Weiser
“Introduction to Southern Conjure” DVD 2009 Pendraig Publishing

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