The 13th Moon



Ilana Sturm

Book Published 7/27/2013

Print Price: $9.95
ISBN: 978-1936922611

Do You Dare … To Tread Your Own Path?

Idris is a boy just like any other boy, he goes to school, has a best friend and a family just like everyone else… only he is a boy with a secret!

Idris comes from seven generations of magickal artisans but seems to have absolutely no talent. The only thing he loves to do is draw, but he can’t see that getting him anywhere.

The 13th Moon, is THE most important magical celebration of the year and attendance is by invitation only. More than anything, Idris longs to be invited, but with no magical talent, that doesn’t seem very likely to ever happen.

When a new teacher arrives at his school, his world and his life is forever changed!

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