The Conjure Workbook Volume 1: Working the Root




Starr Casas

Book Published 4/28/2013

Print Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-936922-56-7

Momma Starr is so thankful to announce the release of “The Conjure Workbook,” a truly magical tome for all spiritual workers whether you’re a novice, debutant, or experienced hoodoo practitioner. There’s something special in this ‘traditional conjure diamond in the rough’ for all magical workers Christian and non-Christian alike.

Are you ready to learn how truly seasoned and experienced conjure workers of the past and present “work both hands” to overcome mountains keeping you from reaching your peak of success? Then Momma Starr’s “The Conjure Workbook Volume I – Working the Root” is the remedy for your daily ailments. If you are ready to draw total success into your life that can’t be knocked down then “The Conjure Workbook” is for you.

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