The Rose Above the Sword: Vol. 4 of the Glastonbury Chronicles




S. P. Hendrick

Book Published 10/27/2011

Print Price: $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-936922-05-5

It’s been three generations since the Sacred King last poured out his blood to heal the planet Brittania. In the interim, the usurping “Common” government has driven the Old Ways to ground with its pseudo-science. The Windsor line has been hunted to extinction, records of the Old Faith and Sacred King destroyed, all religious practice forbidden, and the people are starving physically and spiritually.

As the Sacred King and his Knight Protector Awaken in this dismal world, they quickly discover that the Gods have been very creative in preserving the bloodlines, history, and rites of the Sacred King. They even left a road map for them, but at least one copy has fallen into the wrong hands. Luckily for Geoffrey Spencer Robinson, Phillip MacGregor, and the people of Britannia, the old saying holds true: man plans while the Gods laugh.

“If Robert Heinlein and Neil Gaiman had ever collaborated on a book series, it would probably look a lot like The Glastonbury Chronicles.”

“Hendrick blurs the lines of…well, everything…to delicious effect: time, space, the mystical and the mundane, gender, and relationships, to name a few.”

Laura Davis, Los Angeles

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