Traditional Witchcraft: Visualization: Simple exercises to develop your visualization skills




Peter Paddon

Book Published 10/31/2014

Print Price: $7
ISBN: 978-1936922802

The Traditional Witchcraft series is a collection of small books on practical subjects of interest to Traditional Witches and other practitioners of Magick. Written by Peter Paddon, Magister of the Y Ffordd Wen Tradition of Witchcraft, they aim to provide solitary practitioners with simple exercises and techniques to help them develop skills and abilities needed in the practice of their Craft.

Visualization is a skill that is used in many forms of spell-crafting, as well as other esoteric practices, and many people find it difficult to learn how to visualize effectively. In this book, Peter shares exercises and tips that will help those who are seeking to improve their visualization skills, even if they believe they have little or no ability to start off.

Peter Paddon is a Brit of Welsh extraction, who lives in Los Angeles, where he teaches Traditional Witchcraft both in person and using streaming online video to hold workshops worldwide. He is the author of several books on the subject (A Grimoire for Modern Cunningfolk, Visceral Magick, and Enchantment), as well as the CreateSpace DVD series on practical spellcrafting. He is also the host of the popular Crooked Path podcast.

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