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Peter Paddon
Soft cover

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The Witch's Art of Manipulation through Gesture, Gaze and Glammour

Traditionally, the witch's arsenal of magical power has always included the ability to influence others from a distance. In this book, Peter describes theories and philosophies of these all but lost practices. Drawing on the mysteries of ancient Egypt, pre-Christian Celtic Wales and medieval Christian Mysticisim, he lays out a series of techniques and excercises that devlop the required skills to use these subtle influences when needed for healing, cursing, blessing, and entrancing. He also discusses the ethical ramifications of these techniques as well as practical application for ritual, spell-crafting and daily life. 

Whether it is the "Evil Eye", "Jedi mind tricks" or "defense against the Dark arts", these techniques have been the mainstay of myth, legend and fantasy for millenia but their place in our worldview stems from real magical tools wielded by skilled pratitioners. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review