Robin Artisson

Traditional Witch and Pagan, Robin Artisson has been studying folklore and supernaturalism and practicing sorcery~ in the true historical meaning of the word~  far longer than most people thought he'd survive. He's from South Louisiana , of Bernician (Anglo-Pictish) heritage, but also of Irish, Cajun and Sicilian descent. He grew up in the shadow of the last home of active and accepted supernaturalism, in the United States: New Orleans, and the entire hairy, scary regions of the South. 

Aside from his studies in herbalism, he is a scholar of the history of ancient Britain, Greece and Rome. His other scholarly interests include Indo-European studies, folklore, mysticism, and spiritual ecology.

A well-known personality in the field of Indo-European polytheistic reconstructionism, Robin is a Traditional Witch and a proponent of revivalist animism and related mystical practices. He holds a BA in European History, and a MA in criminal Justice/Policy Science. 

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