The Resurrection of the Meadow

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Robin Artisson
Lee Morgan

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As described by the author:

"The Resurrection of the Meadow is A Record of Thirteen Occult Forumlas & Charms of Art with Purport & A Sealing Conjuration & their many ueful Sorcerous Permutations, writ and gathered on Walpurgis Night 2010. For those inquisitive adepts who walk the despised path of True Sorcery. The long-dimmed radiance of the Ancient Gold of the Wise."

Found within this full, self-contained working grimoire is a system of sorcery relying on the ancient spiritual asthetic of the Faery-Faith and the Metaphysics of Elfhame - interaction with the Unseen worlf through the vehicle of the spirit-forms or the fetch-bodies of non-human persons that are merged with the land aroun dus. Steeped in folklore and a much older form of deep ecology, it is a powerful work of Art for the sidcerning occultist. 

This grimoire contains, among other things, full instructions for sealing and protecting the "Meadow" or sanctified outdoors locations, the "Faery Feast", the manifesting of he powerful "Weird of the Cairn", the creation of the sacred interaction-points with the "Convocation of the Meadow" or Land-spirits, various crossings, arboreal working for harvesting and gathering sorcerous components from tree and plant weirds, charms of increase and fertility, and the creation of the fearful "White Mommet" for works of sympathetic magic. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review