The Crooked Path Journal of the Nameless Art Issue #5

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Issue #5: Spring 2009


-Moved by the Shakers by Grace Victoria Swann

-Conjure in the South by Gar Pickering

-Ancestors and Sacred Space by Peter Paddon

-Becoming a Traditional Witch by Robin Artisson

-The White Penis Cult of Forest Grove by Sarah Lawless

-Where Three Road Meet: History, Lore and Practise of Crossroads Ritual by Cory Hutcheson

-Faerie: The Awe of the Unseen and the Unknown: A Dsicourse on the Dangers of the Faery-World and the Awe-full Power of the Hidden Reality by Robin Artisson

-Of Faerie, Fetch and Familiar by Veronica Cummer

-Does a System of Chakras Exist in Traditional Witchcraft? by Radomir Ristic

-The Fire Brand and the Silver Thread: A Discourse on Initiation in Tradtional Craft and Claims of Lineage by Robin Artisson

-Egg Dyeing Secrets of the Elders of Paganistan by Steven Posch

-Shaitan by Veronica Cummer

-The Origin of Coven structure by Radomir Ristic

-Two Book Reviews by Peter Paddon




(No reviews yet) Write a Review