The Crooked Path Journal of the Nameless Art Issue #6

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Issue #6 Summer 2009: This edition came out late, was a little rushed and I have no idea why Peter chose the font he used for the titles of the individual articles because they are practically illegible! But considering he got this issue out while dealing with an unplanned move, a totaled car and one of our infamous California wildfires at their doorstep so to speak, I'd say he did a pretty good job. The articles are fantastic. 

-Beefcake, Whine and Cheese: Orlando's Holy Land Experience Theme Park Through the Eyes of a Pagan by Grace Victoria Swann - 

-The Drift: Using a Hoodoo Method in Traditional Sorcery by Jongiorgi Enos  

-Shamanism: Mircea Eliade Revisted by Michael Bermen  

-Weikeries:The True Story of Witchcraft, Then and Now by Robin Artisson 

-To Twist and Twine by Veronica Cummer

-Witch Tales in Serbian Crafting by Radomir Ristic

-The Art of Invisibility by Peter Paddon

-The Traveling Man by Robin Artisson

-Walking Widdershins: The Transgressive Element in Traditional Craft by Jongiorgi Enos



(No reviews yet) Write a Review