Masks of the Muse

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Veronica Cummer

Product Overview

Who is the Muse? Why do we need Her? How do we tap into that shining current of inspiration and create something never before seen, something beautiful and terrible, fantastical and infinitely real.

The Muse is as vital to our lives today as She was in ancient times. She changes as we change and Her Arts are continually in flux, Arts that we simply cannot live without...or that we wouldn't want to. Among other things, they are tools to make and re-make our world even as we work with Fate to weave the web of life and death, of creation and destruction. Through four faces, four masks of the Muse, this book explores different aspects of inspiration, creativity, and magick. Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Ariadne, and the Lady of the Lake await--each to teach us of the Arts and what we are capable of at our very best.

By the poetry, prayer, invocation, and ritual contained within we can come to know the Muse and so know ourselves and the gifts we all have within us that demand recognition and expression. The path of the Muse may not always be an easy or a safe one, but anything worth having is worth paying the price for. Who is the Muse? Who are we?

This book is a journey, one that we must dare to take and dare to take hold of what is revealed.. As we must return to the well of memory, the depths of the ocean, and the currents below the earth, there to claim what was ours all along.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review