Sorgitzak: Old Forest Craft

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Veronica Cummer

Product Overview

This is a book about the religion once practiced ages ago in the Old Forest region of Europe. The book contains channeled messages from the Gods of the Old Forest and from the fey, as well as stories, myths, legends, and bits and pieces of the old witch language. It is not meant to be a "Wicca 101" book, but the next stage towards witches, in particular those of European descent, being able to reclaim their heritage. In this regard, there is no other book currently out there quite like this one. Not only does it provide a link to the past, but it also gives witches a potential focus for the future.

The book is divided into four parts. Part One is about witches, including where they came from and why they are here, what it means to be "of the blood," why witches work in covens, and the origin of the Witches' Sabbat. Part Two contains information regarding 22 of the gods of the Old Forest, as well as invocation which can be used to them. Part Three has a basic ritual and other magickal rites and techniques, including three guided meditations. The final part includes information on the Elemental beings and the gods in regards to the Quarters and Cross-Quarters, why we do ritual, the link between the arts and the muse, as well as some of the steps needed for witches to find their way back to the power and knowledge of the "old Ones." 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review