Mastering the 30 Aires : Vol III of Mastering Enochian Magick

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Mastering Enochian Magick Vol. III: Mastering the Thirty Aires

The long awaited and much anticipated 3rd volume of the Mastering Enochian Magick series. 


The final piece of the Enochian puzzle was revealed to John Dee and Edward Kelley following the structure and attributions of the Great Table. The Thirty Aires, represented as a series of concentric spheres extending outward from the Earth and into the Heavens, have inspired modern magicians to perform countless scrying experiments that have produced records of varying quality. But the original design of the Thirty Aires in fact encodes a complex and effective system of political and geographical magick. Dee hoped to use this new magical technology in the service of his Queen and country, shaping political events all over the world. Author Scott Michael Stenwick now does for the Thirty Aires what he did for the Great Table and Mystical Heptarchy, presenting the material in a context that is true to Dee and Kelley's original schema along with a ritual template that includes both modern and traditional grimoire techniques. The entities of the Thirty Aires include powers spanning the terrestrial realms of the Earth and the zodiacal forces of the Heavens. These powers provide many opportunities for both effective practical work and transformative mystical operations.


Unlock the secrets of the Thirty Aires and put them to work transforming your life.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review