The Blood of Kings: Volume V of the Glastonbury Chronicles

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S.P. Hendrick

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The Stone has sung, and once more Britannia has a King. Once more Stephen and Kevin Awaken to find the world they had left generations before seemingly secure and prosperous, yet they both know if they have been called back to serve the Lady and the Land there must be a Need. An old friend knows it too, and he has travelled light years to find the forgotten planet and the destiny which awaits them all, a destiny which began so far in the past that none of them can remember its beginning.

Their paths have crossed again and again as the threads of their lives have woven the tapestry some call history, some call legend. Now in this fifth instalment of the Glastonbury Chronicles we find a Tale of the Dearg-Sidhe as the two tales converge in the far future to determine what may be the fate of all mankind, for an old darkness threatens the new world, and even the Blood of Kings may not be enough to stop it.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review