The Sword of the King: Volume II of the Glastonbury Chronicles

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S.P. Hendrick

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Steven and Kevin return to fulfil their destiny once again. But right from the beginning there is trouble - born as conjoined identical twins, it is impossible to know who was born first, heir to the throne, and who is to be the one who spills the sacred blood upon the ground.

As if this is not enough, it seems that dark forces stir to disrupt the age-old rite, to keep them from their destiny, to deny the Land its due. Will they find its source before it is too late? And will the right blood be spilled if they do?


"Once again, S. P. Hendrick takes us into the ever evolving relationship of Stephen and Kevin. And once again, Hendrick manages to weave the tapestry with satisfying results. Historical fiction that turns metal into gold and S. P. Hendrick is the alchemist...and a true storyteller. This one is nothing short of brilliant and a must read."

---Jesse V Coffey, author of "A Wager of Blood"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review