Tree Medicine, Tree Magic

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Ellen Evert Hopman

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An incredibly good book for the herbalist, nature and tree lover. Each chapter goes into an indepth study of each species, including botanical information, practical uses, herbal uses, magical uses, Druidic insights, recipes, lore and even color drawing of the trees. 

"Reading this book immerses you in tree-ness. This is something our ancestors did and it's well time we remembered these old ways of knowing and being connected with the Earth - they work. I'll be keeping this book on my shelves, dipping into it whenever I need informations as well a snuggling up with it, for it's a good read and there's lots in there beyond the surface to stir the threads of ancestral ememory" ---Elen Sentier: author Elen of the Ways and Following the Deer Trods. 

"With poetry, indigigenous and folk wisdom, and personal experience, Jopman invites us to a year-round appreciation of the trees in our lives. Hopman knows the trees she celebrates intimately and explains clearly their uses to the reader in multiple cultures. This is an excellent reference work for those who want to benefit from closer communion with trees." --Helgaleena, Archdruid of White Rabbit Grove, Reformed Druids of North America, Editor of Dark Roast Press Lovers dailty and Rainy Day Reads Publishing. 

"Trees are the Ancient ones. They hold vast wisdom that can heal all ills of body, mind, and spirit. Open this book and open a door to the details of that wisdom, brought to by one of my favorite herbal authors, Ellen Evert Hopman. Ellen si actually a tree, 'disguised' as a person, so she speaks to us directly from the heart of Ancient Mysteries. There is something for us directly from the heart of the Ancient Mysteries. There is something for us directly from the heart of the Ancient Mysteries. There is something for everyone here, whether you seek food for your psyche or psychic for your woes" --Susan S. Weed, author of the Wise Woman Herbal Series, including Healing Wise. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review