The Pale Mare's Fosterling: Volume I of the Tales of Dearg-Sidhe

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S.P. Hendrick

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The Pale Mare has ridden through a time that is not a time, through a space that is not a space, carrying Dubhghall mac Cu to a forest outside Nottingham just before the news of the death of Richard Plantagenet arrives. John Lackland has proclaimed himself King of England, but what of the rightful heir, Arthur of Brittany, son of Geoffrey, John's late elder brother? And what of the strange and dark happenings rumored to be occurring at Nottingham Castle, with or wothout the knowledge of the Crown?

Can the ancient Guardians of Britain stand up to the dark forces stirred up by the Crusadeser' folly? Or will the islands forever be lost to a never-ending night?


"The Pale Mare's Fosterling is a perfect read for Anglophiles and anyone who can remember escaping into stories of Robin Hood and Arthur while making the hero "immortal". The perfect mix for this Anglophile and vampire writer.

Hendrick brings to the reader passion, mystery and British mythology in a perfect swipe of her pen. The Pale Mare's Fosterling is such a unique twist on a story dear to so many readers' hearts. Hendrick does a wonderful job at honoring the legends while delivering a perfect story that everyone can enjoy."

---Bertena Varney, Author of Lure of the Vampire and Paranormal Literature Examiner. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review